Rafael Romão

Software Architect | Backend Developer rafaelromao@gmail.com

I have been passionate about software development since 1998 and have worked as software developer since 2002, starting with Delphi, then Java, then C#, then Javascript, then C# again and now back to Java :D

I have experience with web, desktop and distributed applications development, with a strong focus on Microservices, in business areas like laboratory automation, geographic information systems, electric utilities management, messaging systems and retail market.

I’m dedicated to my job and satisfied with the career I chose, pursuing quality in everything I do. I’m always up to date with new trends, technologies and methodologies.

In my spare time, I like to travel, hike and practice nature photography. Check my 500px account bellow!

Developer Story

Where it all began

Am I good enough?

Back in 1998, when I was 16, a friend of mine lend me a copy of a Delphi 3 book. At the time, I used to work as storekeeper and all I knew about computers was how to use Windows 3.1 and 95, Word 6, Excel 5 and MS-DOS. It was a default informatics course pack common in Brazil at the time.

After reading this book, I used my spare time at work to go to the company's office and use my boss's computer to implement some examples and create small applications, using Paradox, DBE and Delphi 3 to automate some small tasks. My boss liked the idea of receiving free software and said I could use all spare time I had in his computer.

5 years went by and I decided it was time to look for a real job as a software developer. By that time, I had accumulated a lot of experience and was convinced by a friend, a Clipper programmer, that I was already good enough to give this step. I was 20 at the time.

I grabbed the yellow pages, remember it was early 2002, and listed the name and phone number of all software development companies in my city. It was not that many. Then the next step was to call each one, inform I was interested in appling for a programmer position and ask for an e-mail address to send my resume.

Well, it was sassy, but it worked, and in May 2002 I was already working as a software developer, in a company that had clients in Brazil and Switzerland. Since 1999 I was already studying english by myself, to be able to understand the information I used to find about Delphi in the early Internet, and this knowledge was crucial, since from the beggining, english was already the default written language at work.

1998 - 2001

The First Real Challenge

How do the professionals work?

I remember seeing that messy code at my first work and thinking, well, code is more complicated as I thought. I have so much to learn to be at the same level than these guys.

Actually, that code was just messy, but I was only able to realize that years later. Lots of patterns and idioms common to structure programming, a years old Delphi desktop app that needed to be refactored to be moved from standalone DB files to Paradox. Not that much of a improvement, but significant at the time.

It was a project from a brazilian customer. The senior guy told me I should not touch the other project, from the international customer, until he said otherwise. Something that took about 2 years to happen.

2002 - 2003